Alpheco Ltd is a Suffolk, UK based company with over ten years' experience of collecting and composting in-vessel using its patented technology.

European Patent - 0831078

Photo of Boyndie Site Photo of Boston Site

Compost to Nurture ...

  • All communities generate food wastes and sewage sludge to which gardeners add 'green' wastes.
  • These domestic and commercial biowastes may be co-composted to nurture the fields, gardens and parks from which that community's food came or in which the humans recreate.
  • Other agricultural wastes like infertile eggs can also be composted.

HEAT from composting is recovered by Alpheco systems without flames,
and may be more valuable than the compost itself.

  • Alpheco's aim is to provide systems that can process all types of biowaste near to their origins so the compost can be used locally.
  • Traffic, noise and smell avoidance are key characteristics of our energy and labour efficient facilities.
  • The modular design gives great flexibility and easy capital financing as well making for clean and amenable sites.
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